Vg30/vg33 Adjustable Cam Gear Instructions


The gears are adjusted by simply installing them using the desired alignment marks and keyway. To install to setting B the gear is placed on the cam with the alignment dowel in the B hole and the corresponding marked gear tooth is aligned to the belt instead of the stock alignment mark.


The teeth are marked with a dab of yellow paint. Should the paint wear off the teeth are also marked with a small punch mark. It is very small, ensure you wipe dirt/grease off the gear to find the mark if your gears are dirty after use. The stamped numbers and letters are also easily covered by dirt and grease.


As a general rule, advancing cam timing results in more mid-rpm power and retarding cam timing gives more high-rpm power. Testing the adjustments is critical for best performance, either on an engine or chassis dynomometer or on a racetrack in a consistent car.


Regardless of what adjustment is used, the engine must be rotated by hand after installation to verify that the valves do not contact the pistons. Failure to do this is a recipe for a costly disaster.


The adjustments (in camshaft degrees) are as follows: