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County Limerick


6x9, hardbound, gold stamped @ 184 pages. Illustrated, Surname Index. Over 1000 families of Co. Limerick are included, from ancient times to the coming of the 20th century.

This is the 5th book in our 32 volume 'Irish Families' series. It focuses only on families found in County Limerick and includes families of all religions and backgrounds, including old Irish families and settler families. It follows the master volume to the set, "The Book of Irish Families, great & small" which contains information on families from all of Ireland.

An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive history of thousands of Limerick families.


"The following families were specifically identified as families of County Limerick in that work. (see also 'Families of Co. Clare' for a more extensive listing of families in the area of Thomand):
Mac Eneiry, Mac Ineiridhe (Limerick)
O'Billry or O' Billraidhe (Limerick)
O'Cullane, O'Cuillein or Collins (Lim)
O'Meehan (Limerick)
O'Sheehan (Limerick)
O'Mackessy or O'Maelmacasa (Lim.)
Mulholland or O'Maelchalloin (Lim.)
O'Flannery (Limerick)
O'Cleirhcinn or O'Clerkin (Limerick)
O'Donovan (Limerick)
O'Kirwick or Kirby (Limerick)
O'Muldoon (from Aughrim)
O'Kinealy (Limerick)
Gunning or O'Conuing (Limerick)
O'Keely or O'Cadhla (Limerick)
O'Malley or O'Maille (Limerick)
O'Ceadfadha (Limerick)
O'Hea or Hayes (Limerick)
O'Casey (Limerick)
O'Dinan or O'Dinnahan (Limerick)
O'Hallinan (Limerick)
Mac Sheehy (Limerick)
MacArthur (Limerick)
O'Scanlan (Limerick)
O'Morny (Limerick)
The foregoing families may be found in Limerick and surrounding areas today, and are given among the old Irish families of the kingdom of Thomand."

"The (Ash) family can be found in later records in Limerick and Kerry. All families of the name in Ireland have been assumed to be of Anglo-Irish stock. Some of the name were adventurers for land, and arrived at the time of the Cromwellian settlement.
A name found in south ward of Limerick City in the census of 1659 in the person of James Ash, merchant.
The arms of one Beresford-Ash of Ashbrook, Co. Londonderry are given in the Irish Book of Arms.
(see also 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small')"


Barony Map of County Limerick
Ortelius Map of Limerick 1576
Ancient Tribal Names Chart
Keatings History (illus)
Early Families
Norman Invasion
Family Locations in 1659
Palatine Settlements
To The New World
Seige Of Limerick City (illus.)
Limerick Sheet Music (illus)
Families of County Limerick, Ireland
History and Locations Found.
(Listed in Alphabetical order, disregarding the
O', Mc, or Mac prefix before the name.)
Limerick Surname List
Limerick Placename List
Civil Survey Surname Index
City of Limerick, occupiers, lessees, mortgagees
Index of Family Names Found in Text


ABBOTT, ABELL, ABLE, Abot, Abott , Abrill, ABSOM, Adkins, Aghearn , AHEARN, Aherin , AHERLY, AHERN, AHERNE, O' Aherne , Aheron , Ahorly, Ahourly , O' Aiken, Ailmer, ALBRO, ALCORN, Alcorne , Mac Alea , Alison, ALLAN, Allcorn, Allen, Allerton, Alleson, ALLISON, Allisson, Altimes, Alton , AMBROSE, AMERY, AMES, Amory, ANDREWES, Andrews, Mac anerny, Mac Anna, Anster, Anster of Killmallock, Anthesell, Ap-Broderick, Apjohn, Archfield, Mc Aree , Arinon, Arragan, Arthur, Arthur, Mac Arthur, Arthur, Dr., Arthure, Arthurs, ARUNDELL, ASBURY, ASH, ASHBROOK, Ashbrooke, Ashe, Ashebrook, Mac Ashinah, Askeaton (pl), ASKIN, Atkins, Atkinson, AUDLEY, Aulife, Mc Aulife, Mac Auliffe, Mc Auliffe , Aurthur, Mac Aurthur, Mac Avaddy , Awlif, Aylemer, Aylmer , BACK, BACON, Baddam, Bagbee , BAGBY, Baggott, Bagley , BAGNEL, BAGOTT, BAILEY, Bailie , BAIRD, Baker, BALL, BALLY, Bamberry, Bambury, Bane, BANTING, BARBER, BARCLAY, BARDSLEY, Barett , Barington, BARKELL, Barkelly , Barker, Barkle , BARKLEY, Barkly , Barkman, Barloo, BARLOW, Barneby, BARNETT, BARNEY, Barnie, Barny , Barony Map, BARR , Barraban, BARRABY, Barre, Barret, BARRETT, Barrey, Barri, Barrie, Barrington, BARRON, Barry, Barry, Barry, arms, Barry of Ballygey, Barrye, BARTLESS, Bartlett, Bartlett, illus., Bartlett, illus., Bartman, Bawn, Bayle, Bayne, Baynes, Beara , O' BEARA, Beard, Beardsley, Beary, Beckingham, Beery, O' BEGLEY, Begly, BELL, BENDEN, Bendon, Benet, Benett, Benner, BENNETT, BENNIS, BENSON, BENTHAM, BENTLEY, Bently, BERETON, O' Berga, BERKERY, BERKLEY, Berkly, Bermingham, BERRY, Best, Beston, Bethel, BETSWORTH, Betsworthy, BEVAN, Bevans , Beven , Bevin, Bickerin, Biggane, BILDER, Bill, Billery, BILLINGS, O' Billraidhe , O' Billry, O' Bilrey, Binden , Bindon , BIRD, BIRMINGHAM, Birstlie, Black Castle, Blackall, BLACKHALL, Blakeney, BLAKNEY, Bland, BLANEY, Blend, Blenerhaset , Blennerhaset, blev'rhas'et, Blewitt, Blond, Blond, Blonde, BLONDELL, Bloomer , Bluet, BLUETT, Blundell, Blunden, Blute, BOEMAN, Boiles , Boles of Newcastle, BOLMER, Bonr, Bonefield, Boner, Bones, Bonfield, Bonnaire, Bonnar, Bonner, Bonnfield, Bonus, BOORE, BOORE, Bore, Borke, BOSWELL, Boswill, Boucher, BOUND, Bourchier, Bourk, Bourk of Cahirmoyle, Bourke, Bourke, Bourke, Bourke of Dromkeene, Bourke, Wm., Bovenizer, Bowen, Bower, BOWERS, Bowes, Bowman, Boyle, BOYLES, Bradberry, BRADBURY, Braddock, Bradey, Mac Bradey, BRADFORD, Bradner, Brady, Mac Brady, Brady, Hugh, BRAHAN, Brahany , BRAMLEY, Brannan, Braosa, BRATTACH, Brattaugh , BRAZIL, Brazzil, Bredhour, Bredin, Breheny, O' Brein, BRENAGH, BRENNAGH, Brennan, Brereton, Bresnahan, Breviter, BRIAN, Mc BRIAN, O' Brian, Brick , BRIDGES, Brien, Mc Brien, O' BRIEN, Brien of Ballybernie, Brien of Longford, Brien of Shanagolden, Brien of Towgh, O' Briens, Brine, M' BRINE, O' Brine, Briody, Brittas, Brock, BROCKE, Brodders, BRODER, O' Broder(ick), BROMLEY, Brooder, O' Brosnaghane, Brosnahan , Brosnahin, Brosnan, Brosnane, Brothers, Brough, Broune, BROWN, Browne, Browne of Miltowne, BROWNING, BROWNRIGG, BRUCE, Bruder , BRUMLEY, BRUTTNELL, Bryan, Mc Bryan , O' Bryan, BRYEN, Mc BRYEN, O' Bryen, Bryen of Cullinagh, Bryen of Mullagh, O' Bryn, Mc BRYNE, O' Bryne, Bucke, Buckeley, BUCKINGHAM, BUCKLEY, Buckly , Builder, Bulmer, Burgat of Fantstowne, Burgatt, BURGES, Burgh, BURGOYNE, Burk, BURKE, BURKER, Burnell, Burns, BURTON, BURY, Bury of Ballynerigy, Burye, Butler, Butler of Kilnemoney, Butler of Pollardstown, BUTTLER, Byrd Byrde, Cadey, CADY, Cagney, Cahan , O' Cahane, O' Cahassy, O' CAHELL, Cahessy, O' CAHESY, Cahill, Cahill, Cahy , Mac Cail, O' Callaghane, O' CALLAHANE, Mc Callan , Mac Cann , Mac Canna, Canny, Mac Canny, Cantey, Cantillon, Cantlin, Cantlon, CANTREL, Cantrell, CANTWELL, Canty , Canwell, Care, CAREW, Carmedy, CARMODY, Carney, CARPENTER, CARR, O' Carr, Carrol, Carroll, O' CARROLL, O' CARRULL, Carry, CARSON, Carter, Carthy, Mc CARTHY, Mc CARTNEY, Carty, M' Carty, O' Carty, CASEMENT, Casey, CASEY, Mac Casey, O' Casey, CASHMAN, CASIE, Casmey, Casmond, Mac Casmonde, CASSEY, Cassie, Cassie of Cork, Cassy, CASY, ' CASY, Casy of Dublin, Mc Cato, O' Cato , Caufield, M' Caugherty, Caughy, Caulfield, Cave , Cavish, O' Ceadfadha , CHADWICK, Chafin, CHAMBERLINE, CHAPMAN, CHASE, CHERRY, CHESTERMAN, Chevers, Chidley, Chinnery, Chinnery of Cregane, cholmond'l'y, Church, the, Ciddenaham of Corra, Civil Survey, Clanchy, O' CLANCHY, CLANCY, Mac Clancy, Clansy, Clarcke, Clare, de Clare, Clark, Clark, illus., Clark of Cloughnarall, Clarke, Clarke, illus., Classey, Clayton, Cleaburne, Cleark , Clearke, Clearkin , CLEARY, Mac Cleary, CLEBURNE, Cleery, Clein, O' Cleirhcinn , Clerk , Clerken, Clerkin, O' Clerkin , O' CLERY, Clifford, CLINTON, Clive, O' Cloghessy, Clohassey, CLOHESSY, O' Clohessy, Clossey, O' Clossey, Clovan, clune , O' Clussey, O' CLUVANE, Coalman , COBB, Cockayne, Cocks, O' Coins, COLAVIN, Cole , O Coleman, Coll, O' Collane, Collen, Collens, COLLETT, Collins, O' COLLINS, COLLISSON, Collopy, Colman , Colmondeley, COLVAN, COLVEN, COLVIL, COLVILLE, COLVIN, O' COMANE, Mac Combs , COMIN, Mac Comish, Commane , Comming , COMMINGE, Commins, Commons, Commyn, COMYN, Comyn, Comyn of Millicke, Comyn of Whitestown, Comyne, Comynge, Comyns, Conall, Condan, Condon, CONDRON, Conel, O' Coner, Conery , CONGREIFE, Congreive, O' CONKLIN, Conlan, Mac Conmara, Connel, CONNELL, Mc Connell, O' CONNELL, Connellan, O' CONNELLAN, Connelly, Mc Conner , O' Conner , Connery, Connor, O' CONNOR, Mc Conor, O' Conor, CONROY, Mc Conroy, Conry , Mc CONRY, Consadine, Mac Considan, Mac Considin, CONSIDINE, Mac Considine, Mc Considn, Conty, O' CONTY, O' Conuing, Conway, Conyears, Conyers, Mac Cooey, COOKE, Coonahan, Coonihan, Cooper, Cooper, arms, Cooper of Knocklong, Coot, Coote, Coote, illus., COPELY, Coplen , Coplin, COPPLEN, O' CORBANE, CORBETT, CORBIN, Corcoran , COREY , Corkerry, CORKERY, Corkry, Mc Cormac, O' CORMAC, Mac Cormack , Mc CORMACK, O' CORMACK, Mc Cormick, Corneille, Cornet, Cosgrove, COSSENS, Mac Costello, Mc COSTELLO, COSTELLOE, Mc COSTELLOE, Costellow, Costelo, Costillo, Costily, Costolloe, Costoloe, COUGHLAN, Coughlin, COUTRY, Coumey, County, COURTENAY, Courtenaye, Courtney, COX, Cox of Ballyline, Cox of Broofe, Coy, Mc Coy, Coyne, CRABB, Crabs, Mac Crae, Mc Crae, CRAFORD, Crafton, Cragh, Mc CRAGH, Craig, Craige, Mac CRAITH, Crampsey, CRAUEN, CRAUEN (Craven ), Craven , Crawford, Mac Crea, Creagh, Creagh, Mc Creagh, O' CREAGH, Creagh, illus., Creagh, John, Creagh, obit.., Creagh of Inshy, CREED, Creed of Ganynaderky, Creegan, Creeghan, O' Creehan, CREGAN, Crehan, CRIPPS, CROCKER, Crofts of Croghill, Croker, Cromeene, O' CROMEENE, Cromewell, Cromwell, O' Croneene, Cronen, CRONIN, O' Cronin, O' Cronine, Cronsberry, Cronyn, Croom, illus., Cropman, Mac Crory , Mc Crory, Crosby, Crowe of Rathkeale, CRUCE, Cruice , CRUISE, Mac Cruitin, Cruse, Cruttane, Cudmore, O' Cuillein, Mac Cuirtin, Culane, Culhane, O' CULHANE, Culigan, Cullaine, CULLANE, O' Cullane , O' Cullane, O' CULLEANE, Cullen, Culligan, Cumming, Cummings, Cummins, O' Cuning, Cunning, Mac Curley, Curling, Curran, O' CURRANE, Curroge, Curtaine, Mc Curtaine, O' CURTAINE, Mc CURTANE, Mc CURTEN, CURTEOIS, CURTIN, Mac Curtin, CUSACK, Cusacke, Cusake, Cushley, Cussack, Cussacke, CUSSEN, CUTHBERT, D'Arcy, d'Aylmer, D'Ezmondiis, Mc DADE, Mac Daid, Mc DAID, O' Daily, O' DALLAGHER, Dallaher, Dallman, O' DALLY, Daltin, DALTON, O' DALY, Daly of Chashbane, DANAHER, Daniel, Mc DANIEL, O' Daniel, Daniell, Mc Daniell, O' DANIELL, Dannaher, O' Dannell, Danters, DARBY, Dargan , Mc DAUID, DAUIES, Mc DAVID, DAvIES, Davis, Davison , Mc Davit, Mac Davitt , Davys, Daw, Day, O' Day , O' DAYLY, de Bonneville, de Burgh , de Bury, de Caunteton, de Hurle , de la Rupe, de Lacy, de Lees , de Nugent, de Ralleye, de Rupe, de Stack , de Valois, de Verdun, De Vere, de Wylde, Dea, O' DEA, DEACON, DEAN, DEANE, Mc DEARGAN, Mc Dearment, O' DEE, Deenihan , Deergan, Delafield, O' DELL, O' Dell - Castle townmaciniry, Delmage, Delmege, Dempsey, Denihan, Dermitt, Mc Dermitt, Mc DERMOD, Dermody, Mc DERMODY, Mac Dermot , Dermott, Mc DERMOTT, DESMOND, Dettlor, Devitt, Mac Devitt, Mc DEVITT, Dibbins, Dick, Dckson, DILLANE, O' DILLANE, O' Dilleen, Dillene, O' DILLENE, Dillion, DILLON, Dinaghane, Dinahan, Dinahine, Dinan, O Dinan , Dinane, Dineen, Dinehan, O' DINEHAN, Dingavan, Dinighan, O Dinnahan , Dinnahane, O' Dinneen, Dixon, Dobe, DODD, Dollagher, Dollaher, Dolmage, Dologhan, Mac Donagh, O' DONAGHOW, Donahue, Donald, Mc Donald, Donavan, DONDEN, DONDON, Dondun , Donegan, Donel, Mac Donell, Mc DONELL, O' Donell, O' DONEVAN, Dongan, Mc DONIELL, Donnell, Mac Donnell, Mc DONNELL, O' DONNELL, Mc DONNOGH, Donnogh of Purtane, Mc Donnough, Mac Donogh, Mc DONOGH, Mac Donough, Mc Donough, Donovan, O' Donovan, Donovane, DOODY, Doole of Miltowne, Doran, DORE, Dorgan , Doube, Doudins, Dounes, Douney of Caperearnesy, Doupe, Dove, DOWDALL, Dowdall of Cappagh, Dowdas, Dowley, Down Limerick Way, DOWNES, DOWNEY, Mac Downey, O' Downey, Downing, Downs, Downy of Garryglas, DRAPER, DREW, DRIBSON, Duane, O' DUANE, Duer , DUFF, Duggan, O' DULE, DULLANTY, Dullany, O' Dunady, Dunavan, Dunden, DUNDON, Dunnady, Duyre, Dwane , DWIER, O' DWIER, Dwire, DWYER, Dwyer, O' DWYER, Dwyre, Dyer, Mac Dyer, O' DYER, O' Dyer / O'Dwier, Dynahan, Dynan, Dyneen, Dynneen, Mac Dyre, EAMES, EATON, Ebril, Ebrill, Mc EDD, Mc Edmon, Mc EDMOND, EDMONDS, Mc EDMUND, Edmunds, Edward, Mac Eldowney , Mac Elhar, Eligot , Ellard, Mac Elligott, Mc Elliot, ELLIS, Ellison, Ellmoore, Embury, Emmerson of Castlematres, Mac Eneiry, Mc ENEIRY, Enery, Mc Enerye, Engl., England, English, Englonde, Mac Eninry, Eniry , Mac Eniry , Mc Eniry , Enniss, Enraght, Enraught, ENRIGHT, Enrite, Mac Enroe, Erskine, obit.., Esmond , Esmonde, Estmound, Eudes, Evans, Everett, EXHAM, Fagan, Fanan, Fanin, Faning, Fannin , Fanning, Fannon, Fant, Fante, Fanyng, Farelly, Farley, Farragher, Farraher, O' Farrelly, Feeheny , FEILD, FENELL, Fenessy, Fennessey, Fennessy, Fenton, Fentons, O' FERALLY, Ferar, FERGUSON, FERINSHAUGH, Ferly, Ferrally, FERRALLY, Ferrar, Ferrely, Fey , Ffaning, ffanyng, Field, Filkins, Filme , FINCH, Mac Finnucane, Finttington, Finucane, FISHER, Fitswilliam , Fitt, Fiton, Fittshugh, Fittswilliam , Fitz, Fitz Aldelm, Fitz Herebert, Fitz Piers, Fitz-edward, FITZ-HENRY, Fitzbarthlomw, FitzCharles @ Ballyshane, Fitzchildey, Fitzelle, Fitzerald, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald of Ballinard, Fitzgerald of Cuilebeg, FITZGERGALD, Fitzgerold, Fitzgerrald, Fitzgerrold , Fitzgibbon, Fitzgibbon, FitzGibbon(s), Fitzgibbons, FITZHARRIS, Fitzharry , Fitzhenry, FITZHUGH, FitzJames, FitzJohn, Fitzpatrick, Fitzpierce, FitzPiers, Fitzpierse, FITZSIMMONS, FitzStephen, Fitzsymons, FitzThomas, Fitzwalter, Fitzwilliam, Flackes, Flahyve, Flanery, O' Flannery, Flanory , Flanury , O' FLATHERY, O' Flattery, Fleming, Fleming of Killmallock, FLEMMING, Flemminge, Flemmyng, Flemon, Flemyng, Fline, Flyn of Castlematres, O' FLYNE, Flynn , FOLEY, Folker, Foord, Foran, O' Foran , Forane, Ford, FORESTER, Forhan, O' Forhane, Forrester, Fosberry, FOSBERY, Fowley, Fox, Fox, James, Fox, John, Fox of Ballyvynog, Foxe, FOXEN, Foxon, FRAHER, Frances, Francis, Franck, FRANK, Franke, FRANKLIN, Franks, Frawley, FREEMAN, Freestone, Freind, FREND, FRESTONE, Frewen, FRIEND, Fruin, Fruines, FULFORD, Fullfowrd, FURLONG, Furnell, GABBERD, GABBETT, Gabbett, obit.., Gaffens, GAINES, Mac Gallogly, Galloway , Gallway, GALLWAYE, Gallwey, Galway, Galway, Sir J., GALWEY , Gara, O' Gara, GARLAND, GARNET, Garnett , Garrett, Mc GARRETT, GARSTON, Garvey, GASCOIGNE, Gavane, Gavin, Gawnane, Geale, Geary, GEASE, GEBARD, George, Gerald, Gernon, GERRALD, Gerrald of Ballynard, Gerrald of Dullowes, Gerralds, O' GERRANE, Gerrold , Gibbings, GIBBINS, GIBBON, Mac Gibbon, Mc GIBBON, Gibbon of Doonmoone, GIBBONS, Gibbons of Covinger, Gibbyns, GIBLIN, Gilbertt, Gilday, Mc Gildea, Gildowney, GILES, Gilhool , Mac Gilhooley, Gilhooly , Gill, Gillam, Gilliard, Gilroy , Gilshenan, Glanchy, Glancy, Glassane , O' GLASSANE, O' GLE, Gleasane , O' GLEASANE, Gleason , GLEESON, O' Gleeson, Glisane, Glison, Glissane , O' GLISSANE, Gloster, GLOUER, Glouster, Glover, Glyssane , Goggins, Goings, Gold , GOLDEN, Golding , GOLLOWAY, GOODRICH, Good, Gorden, GORDON, Gorman, Mac Gorman, O' Gorman, O' Gormans, Gormon, Gosadge, Gould, Goulden, Goule, O Grada, Graddy , GRADY, O' GRADY, Grady of Any, Grady of Killkillan, Graff, Graham, Grainy , Graliands, Graney, Grath, Graven, Graves, Gready, Greames, Greaney, GREAR, GREEN, Greene, Greenfield, Grehams, Gribble, GRICE, Grifee, Griffen , Griffin, O' GRIFFIN, Griffins, Griffy, O' Griffy, Grifith, O' GRIPHAE, Griphy , Grogan, Grogane, Groggan, Gromell, Gromwell, Groogan, Mac Grory , Grouse, GROVES, Grugan, Grugane, Grummell, Guare, Gubbins, Guere, GUERIN, Guier, Guina, Mc GUIR, Mc Guire , GUIRY, GULLYNANE, Gunn , Gunning, O' Gunning, Gunny, Guntter, Guose, GUY, Mc Gwire, Mac Gyllysaghta, Hadley, Hadly, Hagain, O' Hagan, O' HAGANE, Halbert, Hale , Mac Hale, Mc HALE, Haley, O' HALEY, Halfpenny, Halinan , Hall, Hall, Hallaron , O' Halley , Hallinan, O' HALLINAN, Hallinane, O' Hallinans, O' HALLORAN, Hallorin , Halloron , Halluran, Hallurane, Hally, O' HALLY, Halpen, Halpenny, Halpin, Haly, O' Haly, Haly of Toorine, Haly of Tworyne, Hampton, Handly , Handrahan, Hanily, Hankswoorth, Hanley , HANLY, O' Hanly, HANNAN, O' HANNAN, Hannane, Hanneen, Hannen, Hannin, HANNON, O' Hannon, O' Hanra(g)hane, Hanraghan, O' HANRAGHAN, HANRAGHANE, O' HANRAGHANE, HANRAHAN, O' Hanrahan, HANRAHANE, O' HANRAHANE, O' Hara, Fisk, Harbert, Harcan, HARCOURT, HARDING, Hardinges, Hare, O' Hare, Hargan, O' Hargan, Hargon, Harison, Harkness, Harknett, Harness of Ballyvonneen, HARNETT, Harnett, Haroid, Harold, Harrigan, Harrihy, Harris, HARRISON, Harrison of Toureen, HARROLD, Harrys, Harstongue, Hart, Hartagan, Harte, Harte of Killmallock, Hartican, Hartigan, O' Hartigan, Hartnet, HARTNETT, O' Hartnett, Hartnetty, HARTNEY, HARTWELL, Hartwick, Harvy, Hassett, Hastie.., Hastings , Hatten, HATTON, Haugh, O' Hawrde, HAYDEN, HAYES, Hayes, Haynes , Hays, HEA, O' HEA, Hea of Towgh, O Hea or Hayes , O' Healihy , O' Heally , O' Healy, O' HEARN, Hearne , Hearnes, Heas, Heavenor, Heck, Hederman, HEEKY, O' Heffernain, Heffernan, O' Heffernan, Heffrnane, Hegan, Hegher , HEHIR, O' Hehir, HELY, O' Hely, O' HELYHY, Henchy, Henery, Henessy , HENESY, Henley, HENLY, Hennessey, HENNESSY, O' Hennessy, Hennesy, Mac Henry, Mc Henry, O' Henry , Hensey, HERBERT, Herlihey, Herlihy, O' HERLYHY, Herman, Herr, Hestin , Hestion, HEWARD, Hewerd, Hewson, Heyne, O' HEYNE, Heys, Hibler, HICKEY, O' Hickey, HICKIE, O' HICKIE, Hickie of Shandangan, Hickson, HICKY, O' HICKY, Hiffernan, HIFFERNANE, Hifle, HIGBY, Higgins, HIGNETT, Hill, HINCHY, Hine, Hines , Histon, HOADLY, HOARD, Hoarde, Hoare, obit., HOBAN, Hobane, Hobe, Hodley, Hoffman, Hogan, O' HOGAN, Hogan of Kilnemona, HOGANE, O' HOGANE, Hogans, Hogart, Hogen , Hogin , Holian , Holland, Hollande, HOLLYWOOD, Holme, HOLMES, Holmes of Kilmallock, Holms, Holohan, Holton, HOLYWOOD, Homes , O' Honeen, Hoolihan, Hooney (Cork) , HOOPER, Hoopf, HOORST, Hoost, Hopkins, O' HORAN, Hore, Horgan, Horrigan , HOUGH, HOULBERT, HOULIHAN, O' Houlihan, Houneen, O' Houneen, Hourigan, HOURIGAN, Hourihan, Hourihane, HOUSTON , Howard, Howard, Howard, Howell , Howley, HOWREGANE, O' HOWREGANE, O' HOWRIGANE, HOWROGANE, O' HOWROGANE, Hoy, Huban , Hubane, O' Hugh, Hughes, HUGHS, Hulihan , Huneen, Hunt, Hunte, Hunter , HUNTINGTON, Huonyne, O' Hure, Hurley, O' Hurley, O' Hurleys, HURLY, Hurly of Cnocklong, Hurly of Towreene, Hurly, Sr. M, Hurrue, Hurst Hoost, Huston, HUTHINGS, Hyman, Hynes , O' Hynes, Mac Ineiridhe , Mac Inerney, Mc INERNEY, Inglis, Ingoldesbey, Ingoldesby, Ingoldsby , Ingoldsby, Capt., Ingoldsby of Ballybricken, INGOULDESBY, INGRAM, INGRAME, Mac Innerney, Ire, IVARS, IVERS, IVORS, JACKSON, Jackson of Ballyvologue, Jackson of Duntryleague, JACSON, Jaffe, JAMES, Jameson, JAMIESON, Jamison, Jamisone, JARVIS, Jenings, JENKINS, JENNINGS, Jephson of Donoghmore, Jerome, JESS, Joanes, Jobbs, Mc John, ST. JOHN, JOHNS, JOHNSON, Joint, JOLLIFF, Jones, Mc JORDAN, Joynt, JUBBS, JURIN, Kally, O' KALLY, Kasey, Kash, Mac Keal, Kealey , Kealy , O' KEALY, Keane, Kearie, O' KEARNEY, Kearnie, Kearny, Kearny of Kilmallock, Kearnye, Kearter o Doghill, KEATING, Mac Keating , O' Keating , Keefe, O' KEEFE, O' KEEFFE, Keeley, Keely , O' Keely or O'Cadhla , Keeting, Kehoe, Keife , O' KEIFE, Keilly, O' KEILLY, KEILY, KEITH, Kelley, Kellie, Kelly, Mc KELLY, O' Kelly, Kelly, Morrish, Kem, Kemps, Kenedie , Kenedy, Mc KENEDY, KENN, Kenneally, Kenneday , KENNEDY, Mc Kennedy, Mc Kennedy, O' KENNEDY, Kennelly, O' KENNELLY, O' KENNY, Kent, Mc Kenzie, M' Keo, Keogh, Mac Keogh, Mc KEOGH, Keoghe, Keough, Ker, Kerley, Kerr, Kerrane, Kerribly , O' Kerrisk, Kerwick, O' KERWICK, Kerwins, Keyes, O Keyle, Kiarwick , Kiefe, Kieley , Kielly, O' Kielty, Kiely, Kieran, Killberes, Kilmurray, O' Kilte, Kindellan, Kinealy, O' Kinealy, KING, Kinghan , Kingsmell, Kingston , Kinneally , O' Kinneally, KIRBY, O' Kirby , KIRKWOOD, O' Kirwick, Kirwicks, Kline, Knight, Koch, Kruse, L'Angleys, L'enfaunt , L'Englys, La Fant, La Font , Labhles, Lacey, de Lacy, LACIE, Lacy, O' LACY , LACYE, LAFFAN, Laggan, Lahey, Lahy , Lairy, Lane , Mc Lane , Lanford, LANGAN, Lange, Latchford, LATIMER, Lattimer, Laurence, Laweles, Lawles, Lawless, Lawrence, Lawson , Layne , Le Hunt , Lea, LEACH, Leadar, Leahey, LEAHY, O Leahy , Lean, Leane, O' LEARY, Leash , Mc Leay, LEE, Mac Lee , Mc Lee , O' Lee , Lee, Morrish, Leech, Leehey, Leehy , Leen, Leery, Leg, Legear, Leger, Lehan, O' Lehan, Lehane , Lehy , Mac Leigh , O' LEIN, Leines, Lenaghan, Mc Lenaghan, O' Lenaghan, O' LENCHY, O' LENCY, Lenglas, Lenighan, Lenihan, O' Lennan, LENNARD, O' Lennon,, LEO, LEONARD, LESLEY, Leslie, Levin, Lewes, LEWIS, Lewis, David, Ley, Leyne, O' LEYNE, Leynes, Leyns, Liagh, O' LIDDEENE, Lightfoot, Ligier, Legear , Lill,..., Lilles, Lillies, Lillies of Athdare, Lillis, Limerick, Siege of, LINANE, Linch, illus., LINCHY, O' LINCHY, LINDSAY, Line, Linehan, LINGANE , LINNANE, Linnehan, Lisaght, Lissaght of Cammas, LISTON, Liston of Kilscannell, O' LIUER, Lloyd, arms, O' Lochlainn, Lodge, Lodwick, Lodwig , Loftus, Mc LOGHLEN, Loghlin, Mac Loghlin, LOMBARD, Long, Mac Longahan, Longan, Longford, John, O' LOONEY, Lw, LOWE, Lower, Loyd, LOYDE, Lucas, Ludwick , Ludwig , Mac Lychy , Lylles, Lymes, Lynane, Lynard, LYNCH, O' Lynch , Lynch book, Lynchy , Lyne, O' Lyne , Lyon , Lyons, Lyons, illus., LYSAGERT, Lysaght, Mac Lysaght, Lysat , Lysseght, MacAnna, MACK, Mackessy, O' Mackessy, Madagan , O' MADAGAN, Madagane , O' MADAGANE, Madden, O' Madden, Maddigan , Maddin , Madegan , MADIGAN, O' Madigan, Madigane, O' MADIGANE, Madin, O' Maelchalloin , O' Maelmacasa, Maghan , MAGNER, Magnier , Magnir , Magnor, MAGUIR, Maguire, Maguire of Duntrileague, Mahon, Mac Mahon, Mc MAHON, Mahon of Killenurra, Mahoney , Mahoney, Mc Mahoney , O' Mahoney, MAHONY, Mc MAHONY, Mahony, illus., Mahowne, Mahowney , Mailey , O' Maille , MaKay, Maley, Malia , Malley , O' Malley, Mallowney , Mallowny, Maloney , O' Maloney, Maloughney , O' Malowne, Malowny , Maly, MANDEVILLE, MANGAN, O' Mangan, Manghan , MANIX, Mann, Mannin , Manning, Mannix, Mansel , Mansill , Mantgomerie, Mc MANUS, MANYHYNE, Map (barony), O' Mara, Marah, Marnane , Maroney, Marony, Marra, Marrinane, MARSHALL, Marten, illus., Martin, Martyn, O' Mary, MASSEY, MASSEY, MASSY, Mathewes, Mathews, Matthews, MATTHEWS, Maughan, Maunsel, MAUNSELL, Maunsell, arms, Maunsell, obit., Maunsell of Ballynemoney, Mawn, MAXWELL, MAXWELL, Mayberry, MAYBURY, MAYHUGH, MAYO, Mead, Meade, MEAGH, Meagh of Killmallock, Meaghan, O' MEARA, O' Meary, MEASE, Meegan , Meeghane, Meehan , O' Meehan, Mc Meekin , O' Meera, Mehegan , Meighan , O' MEIGHAN, Melia , MELVILLE, METCALFE, Mick, MIDDLETON, MIDLETON, Mighane, Miller , Mills, MITCHELL, Modlar, Modler, Moizel, MOLLOWNY, MOLONEY, MOLONY, Monckton of Ballynafrnky, Mongan, O' Mongane, MONGOMERIE, MONSELL, Montgomery, Moor, Moore, Moore, Moore, illus., Morgan, Moris, Mc MORIS, Morisey, Mc MORISH, Mc Moriss, Morissey, O' Morna, O Morny , MORONEY, O' Moroney, Morony, arms, MORPHEU, Morphey, MORPHY, Morresse, Morris, Mc MORRIS, MORRISON, MORRISSEY, Morrogh, Mc MORROGH, Morrough, Mc Morrough , Mc Morrow , MORSE, Mortagh, Morten, MORTON, Mossop, Mossop, MOUCKTON, Mould, ounsel, Moylan, Muckley, MUCLAHY, MUIR, MULCAHY, O' Mulcahy, Mulcair, Mulchay, Mulclahy, O' MULCLAHY, Mulclohy, Muldoon, O' Muldoon, O' Muldoon (of Aughrim) , Muldowney, Mulholland, Mulkeen, Mulkin, Mullan , MULLANE, Mullans, MULLCLAHY, Mullens, Mullins, Mullonie, Mullowney , Mullowny, O' MULLOWNY, Mullvihill, MULQUEEN, Mulqueeny , Mulrains, MULRIAN, O'` Mulrian, O' MULRIAN, Mulriane , O' MULRIANE, Mulroone, Mulrooney, Mulryan, Mulryan, O' Mulryan, MULVIHILL, O' Mulvihill, Mulville , Muncton, Murchoe, Murdoch, Murdock, Murfhy, Murfree, Murfy, Murhila , Murily , Murnain, Murnan, MURNANE, Murney , Murphy, Mc Murphy , Mc MURRAY, O' Murray, Mac Murrough, Mc Murrough, Murta, Murtagh, Mc MURTAGH, Murtaugh, Murtha, NAGLE , Naish, Mac Namara, Mc Namara, Mc Namara, John, Mc NAMAROW, NANGLE, Napier, obit.., NASH, O' Nash / Naish, Nashe, Nasse, Naughton, NAY, Nea, O' NEA , O' NEAGHTAIN, Neagle, O' NEALE, Neazor, Neenan, O Neil, Constantine, Neill, O Neill, O' Neill, Neish, Nelson, Nerney, Neuman, NEUNHAN, Nevill, Neville, New Brunswick, New York, NEWELL, NEWLIN, Newport, Richard, NIhell, Nihill, NIX, Nobel, NOBLE, Nogent, Nolan, Nonane, O' NONANE, NOONAN, Noone, Normile, Nova Scotia, Nuane, NUGENT, Nughent, Nunan, O' Nunan, NUNANE, Odell, Odle , Oells, Ogan, OGLE, Oiler, Oldfield of Gornskeigh, Oliver ?, OLIVER, Oliver of Clogher, ORMSBEY, ORMSBY, Ormsby of Corgrig, Ouldley, Oulihan , Ourhilly, Ousel , Ouseleu , Ouseley, Outlaw, Outlawe, , OUZZELL, OWEN, Mc OWEN, Owen(s), Owene of Cloughnarral, Owens, Owenson, Owsewell, Oylear, PAGET, PAINE, Palatines, Palmer, PALUIS, PARIS, PARISH, Park(s), Parker, PARKINSON, PARNELL, Passengers, Patterson, Patterson, PAUSY, PAYNE, PEACOCK, Peacocke, Peacocke of Graigue, PEACOKE, PEARCE, Pearce, illus., Pearse , PEET, Peitchlie, PENDERGAST, PENDERGRASS, PEPPARD, Perkens, Perkins, PERRY, PERSSE, Pery, Peters, Peterson, PETFORD, Pheaby of Rathkeale, Phelps, PHETIPLAS, PHILIPS, Phillilps, Mac Phillip, Mc PHILLIP, Phillips, Phisick, Pickott, Pierce , PIERCIE, Piers, Piersse , Pggott, Pigot of Kilfenny, Piper, Pitts, PLELLPS, Plumer, Plummer, Plunkett, Poff, Ponce, Ponsonby of Ballinculnbeg, Ponsonby of Fanningstown, Ponz, poore, POPE, Pope of Rathkeale, POWELL, Power, POWERS, PRENDERGAST, Prendeville, Price, PRINDEVILLE, Prothonotary, Prseton, illus., Punch, Purcell, Purdon, PURDY, Pursell, Purshell, Purtel, Purthill, Purtill, Purtle, Pyper, Mc Quade, Mc Quaid, Mc Quaide, O Quealy , Quebec, Mc Queen, Quenedy , Quill , Mac Quillan , Quillane, Quilligan, Quilly, Mac Quilly, Quilty, Mac Quilty, O' Quilty, Quin , Quinlan , O' Quinlan, Quinlevan, Quinlevin, Quinlin, Quinlivan, Quinn, O' QUINN, Quinnelly , Mac Quoad, Mac Rae, Rafferty, Rages, RALAGH, Raleigh, Rally, RANDOLPH, Rashes, Rathaly, RATHERAM, Ratherham, Raw, RAWLEY, RAWLINGS, Rawly, Ray, Raygan, RAYMOND, Rayne, O' RAYNN, Rea, O' REA, Ready, Reagan, Reagh, O' Reardan, Reardon, Reavy , Reedy, Mc REEDY, Reegan, Mc Regan, O' REGAN, Regane , O' REGANE, Reidy, REIGNE , Reilly, Reinart, Rendon, Reordan, Reordon, O' RERGANE, Reynard, Rhys, O' RIADY, Rian , Riane, RICE , Rice, of Hospital, Rice of Riddlestown, Richard, Mc RICHARD , Richardson, Richardt, Riddell, RIDDLE, O' RIEDY, Rierdan, O' RIERDAN, O' RIERDANE, Rierdon, Rights, RIORDAN, O' RIORDAN, O' Riordane, Roach, Robert, ROBERTS, Robinson, Roch, Roche, dominick, Roche, Roach, Rochford, Rodenbecke , Rodenbecker, Rodgers, ROE , ROGERS, Roice, Ronane, Ronayne, Mac Rory , Mc RORY, O Rory, Rose, Rose of Morgans, Rouane, Roufel, Rowan, Rowe, Roy, ROYALL, Royan, Royce, Ruan, RUDDELL, RUDDLE, Ruirdane, Rule, RUSELL, Russel, Russell, Russell & Sons, Rutham, Ruttell, Ruttle, Ryall, Ryan, O' RYAN, Ryan of Clounbrick, RYANE , O' RYANE, O' RYERDANE, Rynard, Ryner, Sadlier, SALTFEELD, Saltfield, SAMPSON, Samson, SANDERS, SARGENT, Sarsefeld, Sarsfield, Savadge, Scally, Scanlan, O Scanlan , Scanlane , O' Scanlans, SCANLON, O' Scanlon, O' Scannell , Schmidt, Schmit, Scotts, O' SCULLY, Seargent, O' SEXON, Sextan, Sexten, SEXTON, Seymour, SHAGINS, Shallas, Shanaghan , O' SHANAGHAN, ac Shanaghy, SHANAHAN, Shanahy, O' Shanassy, Shane, Mc Shane, Shanechane, Shaneghane , Shanessy, Shanid, illus., Shannen, SHANNOHAN, Shannon, O' Shannon, SHANOGHAN, SHAUGHINISY, O' Shaughnessy, Shay , Shea , Mc Shea , O' SHEA, Sheaffer, Sheaghane, O' SHEAGHANE, SHEAGHniSY, SHEAHAN, Mc Sheahane, Sheahy, Mc SHEANE, Shearlie, Shearman, Shee , Mac Shee, O' Shee , Sheean, Sheedy, SHEEHAN, O' Sheehan, Sheehane, O' SHEEHEY, SHEEHY, Mac Sheehy, Mc SHEEHY, Mac Sheehys, Sheen, Sheghane , O' SHEGHANE, Shelton, Sherry, Sheruin, Shey, Shier, Shigane, Shihy, Mc SHIHY, Shihye, Shimmell, Shine , O' SHINE, Shinnock, Shire, Shochett, Shoemaker, Shoneweiss, Shonogh, Shortall, SHORTELL, Shoughnessy , Shouldice, Shunny, Shurlyes, SHUTE, SHYDY, Shyghane, O' SHYGHANE, SHYHANE, Mc SHYHY, Siebert, Siebert Singer , Simms , Sims, Singer, SISK, Skanlane, O' SKANLANE, Skeolan, Skeolane, Skiner, Slattery, O' SLATTERY, Slingsby, Smeltzer, Smith, Smith of Carrigogunel, SMITHWICK, Smyth, Sommers, Soolivan, Soople, SOUTHCOTT, Southwel of Castlematres, SOUTHWELL, Southwell, Lady, SPAIGHT, Spaight & Sons, Sparling, Spate, Speight, Spencer, Spenser, Spillan, O' SPILLANE, Spire of Rathanny, SPRANGER, Springer, St. George, St. John, St. Johns, Stac, STACK, Stackpole, Stackpoll, Stackpoole, Stacpole, Stacpoll, STANDISH, Standlie, Stapleton, Stark, Starkey, Staunton, Steepe, Steevell, Steevens, Stephen, STEPHENS, Stephenson, Steple, Stepney of Abbeyowey, Stevens, Stevenson, STEWART, Stockdil, Stoddert, Stoke, Stokes, Stork, Stretch, Stretch, Stritch, Stritche, STRONG, Stronge, Stroud, Studdert, Suite, Sulivan, Sullevan, O' SULLEVANE, Sulliban, O' SULLIVAN, SULLIVANE, Summerfield, Summers, Suppel , Suppels, Supple, Supple of Cragan, Swaine , SWAYNE, Swayne of Clohomwsey, Sweaney, Switzer, SYMS, Synner, Synon, Tailor, Tailour, TALLON, TATE, Taverner , Taylor, Tayte, Teehans, Teige, Mac TEIGE, Mc TEIGE, Teige of Athdare, Mc Teigue, Temple, Mc TERLAGH, Mc Terlough, TERRY , Teskey, Tesky, Tettler, Tettlor, THEOBALLS, Mc THERLAGH, Therlogh, Therry , TOMAS, Mc Thomas, Thomas, W. of Killenura, THOMLINSON, Thorenbor'ogh, Thorloe Oge, THORNE, Thornton, Thorton, THRENCHARD, O' Thyans, Thyrry, TILLY, Tinte, TIRRELL, Tobbine, Tobin, Tobine, Tobyn, Tobynn, Tomlinson, O' TOOLE, TOOLEY, TOOMEY, Toomy , Torenhill, TOUCHSTONE, Toumey , TOWES, TOWNER, Tracey , O' Tracy , TRAGHNE, Trahey, Tranealle, Trannell, Trasey , Trassey, O' TRASSY, Treacy , Treherns, Trehy , O' Trehy, Trench, Trenchard, Trenchard of Corgraige, Trenchard of Mt Trenchard, Trenelis, Tressy, Treth of Rathkeale, Trohy , Troy , Trust, Tuomey, O' TUOMY, Mc TURLAGH, Turley , Turly, TURNER, Tutthil , Tuttil , Tuttle, Tutty, TWAYTS, O' Twomey, Twomy , TYNTE, Tyrell, Ulf, Upton, Urley , Ushelbaugh, Vaghane, VALLANNE, Vandeleur, VanHUGARDEN, VAUGHAN, Verdon, Verdun , VINCENT, Wade, Wafer, WAILSH, Wakefield, WALCHOTT, Walcot(t), Wale, Walker ofCloughnarral, Wall, Wall of Killmallock, Wall of Rathkeale, Wallace, Walle of Miltowne, Waller, WALLIS, Wallishes, Walls , WALSH, Walsh ofBallymul'ane, Walsh, Welsh, Walter, WAPLES, War(e), Ward, Warder, WARDINGE, WARR, Warren, Warren of Newtown, Waters, Watson, WATTS, Way, Weafer , Weaks, Weams , Weatherhead, WEAVER, Webb, Webb of Ballygubby, Webb of Balyhen'esy, Webb of Rathgonan, Webber , Webbs, WEEKS, Weems , Weever , WEILSH, WELLES, WELLS, Welsh, WEMYS, Wendell , WENDLE, Westenra of Athlacca, Westhrop, Westrop , WESTROPP, Wheite, Wheitroe, Whight, WHITCHURCH, White, White, Whitechurch, WHITERE, Whittaker of Lisnasheely, Whittel, Whittle, Whoolahan , WHYTE, Whyte of Loghill, WIAY, Wight, Wight, illus., Wilde , Wilders , WILKINSON, Mac WILLIAM, Mc William , WILLIAMS, Mac Williams , Williamson , Willmor, WILLSON, WILLY, Wilson, Windell, Wingfield, Wite, Mc WM., Wodell, Wolf(e) , Wolfe, Wood , Woodroff, Woods, Woolfe, Wooten, WOOTTON, WOULF, WOULFE, Wray, Wren, Wrynn, Wulf , Wyld, Wylder, Wylie , Wyndham-quin, YARWELL, Yearwell, Yielding, Youghe, Young, Younghe , Zigler

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