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Books & Periodicals of Historical Irish Interest (Part 1 of 2)

This catalogue has the following sections

General Histories The Period Prior to 1800 Historical Biography Modern Ireland

See section two of the catalogue for additional areas of historical interest


  1. LELAND, THOMAS: The History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry 11 with a Preliminary Discourse on the Ancient State of that Kingdom, 3 Vols. Dublin, Smith 1814. pp.379/pp.509/pp.630. Rebound in attractive two-tone modern cloth. Fine. 195.00
  2. AALEN & WHELAN. Dublin City & County. Geography Publications, Dublin, 1992, pp.450 incl. Index. New. Modern quarter calf, marble boards. 165.00
  3. ALMANACK, REGISTRY, DIRECTORY. For the Year 1827. Dublin, 1827, pp.598. Original calf. Spine worn. 95.00
  4. ANNALS OF ULSTER, 4 Vols. De Burca, Dublin, pp.599/pp.565/pp.637/pp.438 incl. index. 1998. 2nd ed. New in blue cloth in slip case. 225.00
  5. ANONYMOUS. Ancient laws of Ireland - Brehon Law Tracts Vol. IV. Longmans & Co., London, 1879, pp.658. Quarter calf. Lacks spine, edges worn. 85.00
  6. ANONYMOUS. Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1844-45, 2 vols to M. A Fullerton, Dublin, 1846, pp.560/pp.840. Original half calf, marble boards, marble edged. Slight bumping to edges, v.good. 66.00
  7. APPENDIX. War with France, Appendix to the Official Papers. Shea, Dublin, 1803, pp.34. Rebound in attractive modern cloth. Text browned & stained. 35.00
  8. ARCHER, THOMAS. Gladstone & his Contemporaries. Fifty Years of Social & Political Progress. 4 vols. New ed. Includes Irish Land Acts 1886. Blackie & Son, London, n.d., pp.336/pp.336/pp.336/pp.416 incl. Index. Original cloth. Gilt edged, boards stamped & gold embossed. V. good. 48.00
  9. BANNISTER, SAXE. Some Revelations in Irish History. Longmans, Green, London, 1870, pp.255 incl. Index. Original cloth. Edges a little worn. V. good. 48.00
  10. BARRINGTON, SIR JONAH. Historic Memoir of Ireland Comprising Secret Records of the National Convention, the Rebellion, & the Union Illustrated with Curious Letters & Papers in Fac-Simile; & Numerous Original Portraits, Vol. 1. Henry Colburn, London, 1835, pp.238. Folio. Rebound in modern cloth, new front & end papers. Marble edged, good. 75.00
  11. BARRINGTON, SIR JONAH. Personal Sketches of his Own Times. Redfield, New York, 1853, pp.540. Original cloth. Spine gilt embossed, illustrated. Top/Bottom of spine slightly chipped otherwise v. good.  60.00
  12. BARRINGTON, SIR JONAH. Rise & fall of the Irish Nation. D & J Sadlier, New York, 1845, pp. 472. Original cloth, spine gold embossed, illustrated. Text foxed throughout. 75.00
  13. BETHAM, SIR WILLIAM. Irish Antiquarian Researches Part 1. William Curry, Dublin, 1826, pp.242. Original cloth quarter recased, new front & end papers. Title & end pages slightly foxed, otherwise good. 150.00
  14. BOOK OF ARMAGH. Liber Ardmachanus. Edited with an introduction and appendices by John Gwynn. Dublin, for R.I.A., 1913. Roy. 4to. Thick, very good in original suede with Celtic design. Limited to 400 copies. Very good. Scarce. The original is preserved in Trinity College Dublin. It is the only early manuscript of which we know the scribe's name, Ferdomnach, the exact date, 807, and place where it was written, Armagh. It contains the entire New Testament in Latin, and documents relating to St. Patrick, his "confession" and the "Lives" by Muirchu and Tirechan.  2,850
  15. BURKE, JOHN F. Outlines of the Industrial History of Ireland. Added chapter by Michael Cryan & Michael kennedy, Browne & Nolan, Dublin, n.d., pp.379 incl. index. Original boards fading. 12.00
  16. BURKE, RICHARD. A Letter from Richard Burke to *** *** of Cork in which the Legality & Propriety of the Meeting Recommended in Mr. Byrne's Circular Letter is Discussed, Together with Some Observations on a Measure Proposed. Byrne, Dublin, 1792, pp.46. Modern quarter leather. V. good. 68.00
  17. BUTLER, REV. RICHARD ed. Registrum Prioratus Omnium Sanctorum Juxta Dublin. Irish Archaeoological Society, Dublin, 1845, pp.151. Rebound in modern cloth. Folded illustration. Slight foxing, otherwise good. 50.00
  18. CAREY, M. Ireland Vindicated. M Carey, Philadelphia, 1819, pp.504. Rebound in attractive modern cloth. Good. 75.00
  19. CAREY, M. Vindicae Hibernicae or, Ireland Vindicated. An Attempt to Develop and Expose a Few of the Multifarious Errors and Misrepresentations Respecting Ireland in the Histories of May , Temple, Whitlock et. al. Philadelphia, 1828, pp.475. Rebound in attractive modern quarter/two tone cloth. Label on spine. Slightly foxed otherwise good. 145.00
  20. CARR, JOHN. The Stranger in Ireland or A Tour in the Southern & Western Parts of that Country in the Year 1805. Riley & Co., New York, 1807, pp.334. 3rd ed. Original boards. 195.00
  21. CHRONICLE OF IRELAND. An Independent Record of Politics, Business & Finance, Religion, Education, Social & Personal Events on the Island of Ireland, 1992. The Chronicle of Ireland, Dublin, 192, pp.398 incl. Index. New. Large quarto, cloth. 155.00
  22. CHRONICLE OF IRELAND. An Independent Record of Politics, Business & Finance, Religion, Education, Social & Personal Events on the Island of Ireland 1994, 2 vols. Gulliver Books, Dublin, 1994, pp.299 incl. Index/pp.299 incl. Index. New. Large quarto, cloth. 290.00
  23. COLGAN, JOHN. Acta Sanctorum Hiberniae. Reproduced at the Ordnance Survey, Dublin, 1948, pp.906 incl. index. Large folio. Half calf, marble front & end papers. Reinforced binding. Bumped edges, good. 650.00
  24. COLGAN, JOHN. Trias Traumaturga. Large Folio. De Burca, Dublin, 1997, pp.742. Limited edition of 300 copies. New in quarter morocco & blue cloth slip case. 145.00
  25. CRESWICK, THOMAS. Picturesque Scenery in Ireland. Virtue & Co., London, n.d., pp.126. Original cloth, gilt stamped front board, gilt edged. Front board & spine detaching. Good copy. 135.00
  26. CRISP, FREDERICK ARTHUR. Visitation of Ireland. Vol. 4. Privately Printed, 1904, pp.149 incl index, xxiii additions & corrections pages. 109 of 250 signed by author. Near quarto. Quarter calf. Boards stained & marked. Edges buffed. 125.00
  27. CULLEN, L.M. Life in Ireland. Batsford, London, 1968, pp.178 incl. index. Illustrated. V. good in d.j. 21.00
  28. DALRYMPLE, SIR JOHN. Memoirs of Great Britain & Ireland from the Dissolution of the Last Parliament of Charles 11 Until the Sea-Battle off La Hogue. 2 vols. Kincaid, Bell & Balfour, Edinburgh, 1771, pp.443/pp.918,. Large quarto. Original full leather, raised bands. Wearing & Browning. Good. 850.00
  29. DARLYMPLE, SIR JOHN. Memoirs of Great Britain & Ireland. David hay, Dublin, 1773, pp.574. Half calf, marble boards. Spine cracked & worn, boards scarred. 95.00
  30. DAVIES, EDWARD. Celtic Researches on the Origin, Traditions & Language of the Ancient Britons; With Some Introductory Sketches on Primitive Society. Edward Davies, London, 1804, pp.561. Rebound in recent cloth. Some bumping to edges. Good. 295.00
  31. DERRY, WILLIAM, LORD BISHOP OF. The Irish Historical Library. Pointing at Most of the Authors and Records in Print or Manuscript Which May Be Serviceable to the Compilers of a General History of Ireland. Dublin, 1724, pp.151. Rebound in modern cloth. Good. 395.00
  32. DICKINSON, P.L. The Dublin of Yesterday. Methuen, London, 1929, pp.205 incl. index. Original green cloth. Good. 28.00
  33. DOYLE, JAMES, ed. A Special Report on the Trial of Rev. Vladimir Petcherine. Duffy, Dublin, 1856, pp.72. Rebound in attractive modern cloth, new front & end papers. Good. 85.00
  34. EIGEAS CORMACAN. The Circuit of Ireland by Muircheartach Mac Neill, A Poem, Written in the Year DCCCCXLII. Printed for the First Time with a Translation & Notes by John O'Donovan.Vol.1. Irish Archaeological Society, Dublin, 1861, pp.123. Rebound in attractive modern quarter cloth, new front & end papers. Gilt edged. V. good. 150.00
  35. ELRINGTON BALL, F. Judges in Ireland 1221 - 1921, 2 Vols. London, Murray, 1926, pp.365/pp.408. Original cloth. Top ends of spines worn, otherwise v.good. 245.00
  36. ERCK, JOHN CAILLARD, ed. A Repertory of the Inrolments on the Patent Rolls of Chancery in Ireland; Commencing with the Reign of King James 1. Vol.1 part 1. McGlashan, Dublin, 1846, pp.330. Quarter cloth with boards. Edges buffed, top/bottom of spine chipped, general wearing. 95.00
  37. EVANS, E. ESTYN. Irish Folk Ways. Devin Adair, New York, 1957, pp.324 incl. index. V. good in d.j. 48.00
  38. EVANS, E. ESTYN. Irish Heritage. The Landscape, The People & Their Work. Dundalgan, Dundalk, 1967, pp.190 incl. index. 9th ed. V. good in good d.j. 28.00
  39. FAULKNER, GEORGE. An Epistle to George Edward Howard with Notes Explanatory Critical & Historical. Wogan, Dublin, 1771, pp.39. 5th ed., considerable additions. Rebound in attractive modern cloth. V. good. 60.00
  40. FLEMING, JAMES. A Collection of all the Irish & English Statutes. Dublin, 1741, pp.478 + index. Contemporary full calf, raised boards. Edges worn. Title page in facsimile. Good. 95.00
  41. FLOYD, MICHAEL. The Face of Ireland. Batsford, London, 1937, pp.240 incl. index. Frontispiece by Paul Henry. Illustrated. Folding map. Original cloth. Spine faded. 18.00
  42. FRIENDS IN IRELAND. Rules of Discipline of the Meeting of Friends in Ireland. Webb & Chapman, Dublin, 1841, pp.319 incl. Index. 2nd ed. Rebound in recent cloth. V. good. 85.00
  43. GALWAY TOWN ELECTION. Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Select Committee on the Galway Town Election Petition; with the Proceedings of the Committee. House of Commons, London, 1857, pp.63 + 13 index. Rebound in attractive modern cloth, new front & end papers. Single library stamp on title page. Good. 55.00
  44. GILES, HENRY. Lectures and Essays on Irish and Other Subjects. New York 1869, pp.394. Half calf, marble boards. Worn edges, otherwise good. 48.00
  45. GLASSIE, HENRY. Passing the Time. Folklore & History of an Ulster Community. O'Brien, Dublin, 1982, pp.852 incl. index. V. good in v. good d.j. 60.00
  46. GOODWIN, WILLIAM B. The Ruins of Ireland in New England. Meador, Boston, 1946, pp.424. Ex Libris. Photographic plates. Original cloth. Edges bumped, some scoring. Good. 135.00
  47. GRAY, TONY. The Irish Answer. An Anatomy of Ireland. Heinemann, London, 1966, pp.411 incl. index. V. good in v. good d.j. 35.00
  48. GUTERBOCK, B & THURVEYSEN, R. Indices Glossarum et Vocabulorum Hibernicorum. Libsiae, Impensis, Salomonis Hirzelii, 1881, pp.152. Half calf, marble boards. General buffing, chipping to top/bottom of spine. V. good. 85.00
  49. GUY, FRANCIS. Postal, Official & General Directory of the County & City of Cork, 1875-1876. Francis Guy, Cork, pp.699 & 41 Ads. Boards worn, spine worn & front pages loose. Folding map. Rare. 95.00
  50. GWYNN, STEPHEN. A Holiday in Connemara. Methuen, London, 320 incl. index. Gold embossed spine, original green cloth. Good. 85.00
  51. GWYNN, STEPHEN. The Famous Cities of Ireland. Colour illustrated by Hugh Thompson. Maunsel, Dublin, 1915, pp.352 incl. index. Original boards. Stamped front board. Good. 38.00
  52. HALL, MR. & MRS. S.C. A Week at Killarney. Virtue, London, 1858, pp.176. Original cloth. Illustrated with engravings & maps. Damaged spine, detaching front board. Gilt embossed front board. 75.00
  53. HALL, MRS. S.C. Sketches of Irish Character. How & Parsons, London, 1862, pp.384. Illustrated. Original cloth, spine gold embossed. Edges wearing. V. good. 150.00
  54. HARDIMAN, JAMES. History of the Town & County of the Town of Galway. W. Fold, Dublin, 1820, pp.385 incl. Index. Folding illustrations. Large quarto. Recased in original half calf, marble boards, raised bands missing, marble edged. Usual wearing. Good. 495.00
  55. HARVEY, JOHN. Dublin. A Study in Environment. Batsford, London, 1949, pp.116 incl. index. Colour illustrated. V. good in v. good d.j. 25.00
  56. HEALY, T.M. A Word for Ireland. Gill & Son, Dublin, 1886, pp.163. Original Cloth. Edges buffed, good. 65.00
  57. HENNESSY, WILLIAM M. Annals of Ulster Vol. 1 or Annals of Senat, A Chronicle of Irish Affairs from A.D 431 to A.D 1056. Alexander Thom & Co., Dublin, 1887, pp.599. Quarter calf. Edges worn, top of spine chipped otherwise good. 165.00
  58. HOGAN, EDMUNDO P. Ibernia Ignatiana. Seu Ibernorum Societatis Iesu Patrum Monumenta. Tomus Primus. Excudebat Societas Typographica Dubliniensis, Dublin, 1880, pp.250 incl. Index. Ex Libris. Rebound in attractive two tone modern cloth. V. good. 165.00
  59. JACKSON, T. A. Ireland Her own. An Outline History of the Irish Struggle for National Freedom & Independence. Cobbett, London, 1946, pp.443 incl. index. Original cloth. Good. 28.00
  60. JOYCE, P.W. A Social History of Ancient Ireland, 2 vols. Celtic Bookshop, Limerick, 1997. New in cloth. 75.00
  61. KENDALL, E.A. Letters to a friend on the State of Ireland. London, James Carpenter & son & G.B Whittaker, 1826, 3 vols continuously paged to 1238 & appendices of 22 pages incls. 1 folding app. Original cloth boards, calf spine. Front board vol 1 detached, top and bottom of spine missing. Spines vol.s 2 & 3 cracked & worn. All boards scarred. 145.00
  62. KING, JEREMIAH. County Kerry Past & Present. Hodges, Figgis & Co., Dublin, 1931, pp.338. 1st ed. Original cloth. V. good. 105.00
  63. KNIGHT ERRANT. My Pocket Book or Hints for 'A Ryghte Merrie and Conceitede' Tour in Quarto. Vernor, Hood & Sharpe, London, 1808, pp.197 + 39 index. Original quarter cloth in new cloth cover case. Illus./folding illus. Label on front cover. Good. 225.00
  64. LAVELLE, PATRICIA. Crumbling Castle. Clonmore & Reynolds, Dublin, 1949, pp.280. Good in d.j. 21.00
  65. LAWLESS, EMILY. The Story of the Nations; Ireland. Fisher Unwin, London, 1887, pp.435 incl. index. Original green boards. Front board illustrated. Spine worn. Good. 25.00
  66. LEET, AMBROSE. Directory to the Market Towns, Villages, Gentlemen's Seats & Other Noted places in Ireland. Smith, Dublin, 1814, pp.394 + 30 index. Full calf, worn, back board detached. 185.00
  67. LELAND, THOMAS. History of Ireland in Three Volumes. J Nourse et ali., London, 1773, pp.387/pp.516/pp.664 + index. Full calf, raised bands, general wearing. Front board vol.1 detached. Good. 575.00
  68. LEWIS, SAMUEL. A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland. With Historical & Statistical Descriptions, 2 vols & bound map. S. Lewis, London, 1837, pp.675/pp.737. Facsimile reprint, Kennys, Galway, 1995. Large quarto. Green cloth. New in slip case. 85.00
  69. LONGFIELD A.K ed. The Shapland Carew Papers. Irish manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 1946, pp.228. Contains maps. Rebound in recent cloth, v. good. 95.00
  70. LOVETT, RICHARD. Irish Pictures. Religious Tract society, London, 1888, pp.223. Original cloth, illustrated & embossed boards, profuse illustrations throughout. Top/bottom of spine chipped, otherwise v. good. 45.00
  71. LOVETT, RICHARD. Irish Pictures. Religious Tract Society, London, 1888, pp.223. Map & copiously illustrated. Original cloth. Front board stamped & gold embossed, gilt edged. V. minimal bumping. V. good. 45.00
  72. LOWRY, T.K., ed. The Hamilton Manuscripts Containing Some Account of the Settlement of the Territories of the Upper Clandeboye, Great Ardes, and Dufferin, in the County of Down by Sir James Hamilton Knight. Archer & son, Belfast, n.d., pp.166 + 150 index. Original cloth, front board embossed. Lacks spine. 150.00
  73. LYND, ROBERT. Home Life in Ireland. Photographic Illustrations. Mills & Boon, London, 1909, pp.317. Original cloth. Top of spinetorn, otherwise good. 60.00
  74. MADDEN, RICHARD M. Address to the People of England on the Orange Regime in Ireland. London, 1861, pp.52. Rebound in attractive modern cloth, new front & end papers. Good. 85.00
  75. MATHEW, FRANK. Ireland. Colour Illustrated by Francis S. Walker. Adam & Charles Black, London, 1905, pp.212 incl. index. Original stamped boards. Edges bumped. Good. 48.00
  76. MAXWELL, CONSTANTIA. Dublin under the Georges. 1714-1830. Harrap, London, Hodges Figgis, Dublin, 1946, pp.331 incl. index. 3rd ed. V. good in good d.j. 50.00
  77. MILNER, REV. J. An Inquiry into Certain Vulgar Opinions Concerning the Catholic Inhabitants & the Antiquities of Ireland. Keating, Brown & Co., London, 1808, pp.277. Quarter calf, marble boards, gilt embossed spine. Slight foxing to end & front papers, edges worn, good. 165.00
  78. MILNER, REV. J. An Inquiry into Certain Vulgar Opinions Concerning the catholic Inhabitants & the Antiquities of Ireland. . Keating, Brown & Co., London, revised & augmented edition, pp.277. Rebound in attractive modern quarter cloth, label on spine, minor library markings to title page, v. good. 145.00
  79. MULLOY, MARTIN J. The Irish in America One Thousand Years Before Columbus. Boston, Angel Guardian, 1906, pp.146. Original cloth with printed boards. Lacks f.e.p. Good. 45.00
  80. MURRAY, JAMES P. Galway: A Medico-Social History. Photographic plates. Kennys, Galway, 1994, pp.270 incl. Bibliog. & index. No. 27 of 50, signed. New. Large quarto. Modern quarter calf, raised bands, spine gold embossed, marble boards, cloth slip case. 130.00
  81. NICHOLS, GEORGE. Three Reports. Poor laws - Ireland Series. Clowes & Son, London, 1838, pp.172. Ex Libris. Rebound in attractive modern cloth, label on spine. Folding tables. Text browned & stained. 65.00
  82. O'CONNOR, ROGER. Chronicles of Eri. Being the History of the Gael, Scot Iber; or the Irish People. Trans. from original manuscripts in the Phonician dialect of Scythian. 2 Vols illus. London, 1822, pp.362/pp.509. Rebound in attractive two tone modern cloth, new front & end papers. V. good. 245.00
  83. O'CONNOR, ROGER. Chronicles of Eri. Being the History of the Gael, Scot Iber; or the Irish People, trans. from original manuscripts in the Phonician dialect of Scythian. 2 Vols illus.1st ed. Richard Phillips & Co., London, 1822, pp.362 & postscript 93 /pp.509. Half calf, marble boards, marble edged. Edges & spines worn. 5 folding maps, folding hand-coloured aquatint & folding chart of laws. 285.00
  84. O'CONNOR, RT. HON. SIR JAMES. History of Ireland 1798 - 1924, 2 Vols. New York, Doran, n.d. pp.304/pp.396. Original cloth. Front boards stamped. Top ends of spines cracked, 1 inch tear on bottom spine of vol. 2., otherwise fine. 85.00
  85. O'CONNOR, ULICK, The Gresham Hotel, 1865-1965.Guy & Co., Cork, n.d, pp.38 incl. bib. Original blue cloth. V. good. 21.00
  86. O'CURRY, E. Manners & Customs of the Ancient Irish, 3 Vols. De Burca, Dublin, 1996, pp.664 incl. add./pp.392/pp.711 incl. index. Facsimile reprint of 1st ed. New, green cloth in slip case. 185.00
  87. O'DANACHAIR, CAOIMHIN, ed. Folk & Farm. Essays in honour of A.T. Lucas. Royal soc. Of Antiquaries of Ireland, Dublin, 1976, pp.277. Illustrated. V. good in V. good d.j. 30.00
  88. O'FLAHERTY, RODERIC, Edited by James Hardiman. A Geographical Description of West or H-Iar Connaught. Irish Archaeological Society, Dublin, 1866, pp.469. Rebound in recent cloth, pristine. Folding map. 75.00
  89. O'FLANAGAN, PATRICK & CORNELIUS G BUTTIMER ed.s. Cork History & Society. Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County. Geography publications, Dublin, 1993, pp.999. Bound in quarter calf, raised bands, marble boards. Fine.  165.00
  90. O'GALLCHOBHAIR, PROINNSIAS. The History of Landlordism in Donegal. Doneal Democrat, Ballyshannon, 1975, pp.192. Original paper cased in modern cloth. Reprint. Fine. 45.00
  91. O'GRADY, STANDISH. History of Ireland. Cuculain and his Contemporaries, 2 Vols. London, Sampson, Low, Searle, Marston, & Rivington, Dublin, 1880, pp.267/pp.348. Half calf, cloth boards. Edges bumped, otherwise good. 145.00
  92. O'HANLON, REV. J.C. Irish-American History of the United States. Sealy, Bryers & Walker, Dublin, 1903, pp.765 incl. index. Large quarto. Rebound in modern cloth. Portrait page detaching. V. good. 95.00
  93. O'HART, JOHN. Irish Pedigrees or the Origin & Stem of the Irish Nation. McGlashan & Gill, Dublin, 1876, pp.828 incl. indexes. Original green cloth. Some bumping. Partially uncut. Good. 185.00
  94. OTWAY-RUTHVEN, A.J. A History of Medieval Ireland. Barnes & Noble, New York, 1993, pp.454 incl. Index. 3rd ed. Modern quarter calf, raised bands, marble boards. Fine. 125.00
  95. PRAEGER, ROBERT LLOYD. The Way That I Went. Hodges Figgis, Dublin, 1939, pp.394 incl. index. 2nd ed. Folding map. Original cloth. Good. 45.00
  96. REYNOLDS, REV. FRANK L. Ireland's Important & Heroic Part in America's Independence & Development. Daleiden & Co. Chicago, n.d., pp.322. Original cloth, front board embossed. Edges somewhat bumped. V.good. 75.00
  97. RITCHIE, LEITCH. Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1837 & 1838, 2 Vols., Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman, London, 1837 & 1838, pp.264/pp.256. 39 Engravings. Original velvet cloth. Slight foxing to title page 1837. Portrait page detached 1837. 1838 lacks f.e.p. Both gilt edged. Good. 148.00
  98. SAORSTAT EIREANN. Official handbook of the Irish Free State. Hely's, Dublin, 1932, pp.474 incl. index & ads. Illuminated front board. Folding map. V. good. 60.00
  99. SEACHTAIN NA CATHRACH. Dublin Civic Week, 1927, pp.57 with various ads. Original wraps, illustrated. Plates. Unusual. 30.00
  100. SEWARD, WILLIAM WENMAN. Collectanea Politica or The Political Transactions of Ireland from the accession of His Majesty King George to the Present Time, 3 Vols. Dublin, 1801. Original boards. Spines and edges worn, pp.440/pp.448/pp.550.   450.00
  101. SIMINGTON, ROBERT C. The Civil Survey A.D 1654-1656, Counties of Donegal, Londonderry & Tyrone. Vol. 111 with the Returns of Church Lands for the Three Counties. Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 1937, pp.453. Rebound in attractive modern cloth, label on spine. V. good.   95.00
  102. SPENCER, CAMPION, HAMMER & MARLEBURROUGH. Ancient Irish Histories; The Work of Spencer, Campion, Hammer & Marleburrough, 2 vols. Hibernia Press, Dublin, 1809, pp.471/pp.444. Rebound in attractive modern two-tone cloth, marble edged, label on spine. Good. 245.00
  103. SULLIVAN, A.M. New Ireland. 2 Vols. Sampson et al., London, 1877, pp.410 + 24 index/pp.416. Original cloth. Boards stamped. Top/bottom of spines chipped, good. 48.00
  104. SULLIVAN, WILLIAM K. Celtic Studies from the German of Dr. Hermann Ebel with an Introduction. Williams & Norgate, London, 1863, pp.221. Ex Libris. Original cloth recased in quarter calf. Edges worn. Very rare. 125.00
  105. SWEENEY, TONY. Ireland & the Printed World. De Burca, Dublin, 1997, pp.1000. Folio. 214 of 250 signed by the author & publisher. New in maroon cloth. 150.00
  106. TAYLOR, MATTHEW REV. England's Bloody Tribunal or Popish Cruelty Displayed. London, Shakepeare's Head, n.d., pp.3. Rebound in modern marble boards. Bottom end of spine missing. Foxed. 48.00
  107. THE ANNALS OF IRELAND BY THE FOUR MASTERS, 7 Vols & an individually bound colour map. De Burca, Dublin, 1998, continuously paginated to 2498, vol 7 index, pp.405. New in green cloth. Front boards stamped, spines gold embossed. Slip case. 650.00
  108. THE IRISH FIANTS OF THE TUDOR SOVEREIGNS, 4 Vols. De Burca, Dublin, 1994, pp.340 lncl. index/pp.755/pp.634/pp.830 incl. index. Set 293 of 350. New in maroon cloth in slip case. 225.00
  109. TRINITY COLLEGE. The Book of Trinity College. 1591-1891. Marcus Ward, Belfast, 1892, pp.316 incl. index. Folio. Quarted vellum, green cloth boards. Front board gold stamped. Illustrated. Good. 100.00
  110. VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS. The Dublin Almanac & General Registry of Great Britain & Ireland. C Hope, Dublin, 1835, pp. 801. Original full leather. Bottom of spine cracked. Good. 45.00
  111. VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS. The Dublin Almanac & General Registry of Ireland. Pettigrew & Oulton, Dublin, 1846, pp.916. Original full leather. Spine worn & bottom left end torn, otherwise v. good. 85.00
  112. WALKER'S Hibernian Magazine or Entertaining Knowledge for 1800. Illustrated, bound in full leather. Lacks f.e.p and p.s 5/6. Text browned & stained. 75.00
  113. WHELPTON, ERIC. The Book of Dublin. Salisbury Square, London, n.d., pp.183 incl. index. Original boards, d.j. attached. V. good. 25.00
  114. WILKINS, DAVID. Concilia Hiberniae, 4 Vols. London, 1737: Reproduced by Culture et Civilisation, Bruxelles, 1964, pp.788 incl. index./pp.772 incl. index./pp.898 incl. index./pp.824 incl. index. Large folio. Full leather. V. good. 350.00
  115. WODSWORTH, W.D. A History of the Ancient Foundling Hospital of Dublin from the Year 1702. Alexander Thom, Dublin, 1876, pp.57. With manuscript notes & corrections. Pen scored. Title page loose. Rare. 65.00
  116. WOLLASTON HUTTON, ARTHUR ed. Young's Tour in Ireland, 2 vols. London, George Bell, 1892, pp.470/pp.401. Ex. Libris. Original cloth boards re-cased. Front boards stamped. Label on spine. Folding map. Good to fine. 145.00
  117. WOOD, SUMNER GILBERT. Ulster Scots & Blandford Scouts. Published by the Author, Mass., 1928, pp.436. Original cloth, practically no wearing, some photographic plates, v. good. 60.00
  118. WOOD, THOMAS. An Inquiry Concerning the Primitive Inhabitants of Ireland. Whittaker, London, 1821, pp. 303. Rebound in attractive modern quarter cloth, new front & end papers. Some library markings on title page, lacks half of page facing title page. Good 85.00
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