Ancestor chart

Virginia Dare LEE;
Sallie Mae Outlaw B. 11 Sep 1913Joseph Benjamin Outlaw B. 24 Jan 1873 D. 21 Aug 1939Abud Harrison "Bob" Outlaw B. ABT. 1837 D. 01 Jun 1905Edward Outlaw B. ABT. 1799Benjamin Jr. Outlaw B. ABT. 1760 D. 1838Benjamin Sr. Outlaw B. ABT. 1740 D. ABT. 1796George Outlaw B. ABT. 1716 D. ABT. 1778Jr. OUTLAW Edward B. ABT. 1685 D. ABT. 1739Sr. OUTLAW Edward B. BEF. 1652 D. 01 Dec 1714Robert Outlaw B. ABT. 1620 D. 1680Ralph Outlaw B. ABT. 1595 D. 1671Thomas Outlaw B. ABT. 1570 D. 1633Ralph Outlaw B. ABT. 1545 D. 1610Thomas Outlaw B. ABT. 1520 D. 1580
Anne Bevis
Margaret Cory
Elizabeth Kempe
Elizabeth DAVENALL D. ABT. 1727
Lydia BENTLEY B. ABT. 1720
Elizabeth B. ABT. 1743
UNKNOWN B. ABT. 1764 D. ABT. 1832
Cynthia SEGARS B. ABT. 1811
Alice Jane "Mammie" WILLIAMSON B. 13 Oct 1840 D. 22 Jan 1927
Sallie E. DORRILL B. 26 Aug 1883
J.C. LEE B. 05 May 1911 D. 29 Oct 1984

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