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Dropping Resistor Installation 

Updated 06/30/02

This page is to document dropping resistor installation for 420cc low impedance injectors. 

I have decided to use small power resistors for the installation and to have the resistors wiring inside the cabin using molex connectors so that I can pull the resistors when I use the stock injectors.

Violet connector has the injector wiring shown below. I will splice in the molex connectors just below the connector. Resistors will go above ECU. 12 wires (6*2) will be run. 

The time consuming part is cutting the injector wires and soldering in the molex connectors/ shrink wrap. 
Another option is to unwrap the tape off the harness and put  the connectors nearer behind the ecu where the resistors will go. 



Aluminum Power Resistors: 71-RH10-7.0 Qty 6 

These are the 10watt variety:

Use 7 Ohm / 10 Watt and 7Ohm, The 25 watt version works too:

Aluminum Power Resistors: 71-RH10-7.0 Qty 6
Molex Plugs: 538-03-06-2061
Molex receptacles: 538-03-06-1062
.062 Crimp Pins: 538-02-06-2103
.062 Crimps: 538-02-06-1103


25watt resistors shown, 3/4" long. 10watt are 1/2" long.



AFM Wiring:

For reference to Cobra MAS installation:
Ford Cobra MAF wiring.
Nissan AFM wiring. 

What I am doing is I got a bad Nissan AFM and cracked it open and retrieved the AFM connector. On this connector are term pins and they are labeled A - F.  I solder the Cobra wiring adapter to the Nissan connector like so,

Cobra A (red) goes to Nissan term pin E
Cobra B  (Black) and Cobra C (gray signal ground) goes to Nissan term pin C.
Cobra D (?) signal wire  goes to Nissan term pin B. 

Now just plug it in. This avoids rewiring the harness. Also allows reverting back to the old AFM/ecu.