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Modifications In Progress: 1987 300ZX 2+2 Turbo GLL 

Innovative Wide Band O2 Logging Install

This will show a Innovative XD-16, DL-32, LC-1 system install. 

 First see: Redz31's Romulator Page  Then see  Redz31's LM-1 Install. I currently have a Transtronics Pocket Programmer II

Finally see InnovativeMotorSports Modular Tuning System

With this system I can datalog up to 32 channels on an SD memory card. 


DL32 installed under drivers seat: ( aligned and mounted with velcro strips)

Cables/signal wires running to DL32 from fuse box. note extension cables for xd-16 , this is also need to use terminator plug for wiring  laptop connection.

LC-1 O2 bung was welded to CM 3" downpipe at 3 o'clock a couple of inches before cat side.

LC-1 O2 cabling top left and speed sensor/tach signal wires, LC-1 wires fit thru main wiring harness opening.

My DL-32 Channel configuration document:

Autometer Boost gauge custom voltage map (it's close): AutometerMap.txt

First datalog with LC-1: 09300701.a.log