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Modifications Plans and Ideas: 1987 300ZX 2+2 GLL Turbo 

ECU Socketing resource:

Aluminum Driveshaft:

Adjustable Cam Gears:

Blow off valve Plan:


Radiator Upgrade Ideas:

Problems with mountain driving in the summer. Between IC and JWT fuel ecu, car runs hot. 100+ summer driving in the flats are no problem even with A/C on. 

Update 10/05/04:

I am in the process of getting a double-pass radiator that will mount in the stock location with Spearco IC pipes and BlackMagic Efan.
Stock radiator is 1 1/4" thick. The custom will be ~2.0" thick.
3" end tanks won't clear IC pipes.
3" core leaves too little clearance for efan.
Most of the rad's available are 3" thick.
Need to subtract an inch at top to clear IC pipes.
Need to subtract an inch at the bottom for rad to sit.
Dimensions will be about the old core size: ~18x25.25x2.0"

Stock Radiator:

Part Number CU762
No Picture Available Construction Copper Core
Brass Tank
2 Row
Core Size 16 1/8 h x 25 7/16 w x 1 1/4
Inlet Tank Size 1 3/4 x 25 9/16
Outlet Tank Size 1 3/4 x 25 9/16
Inlet Diameter 1 5/8
Outlet Diameter 1 5/8
Engine Oil Cooler None
Transmission Oil Cooler 11 7/8 ( Concentric )

Update 09/10/04:

Next Turbo Upgrade Ideas:

I would like to get to a point where I have a built up engine (cams, heads, ported, z32 pistons) then a modern turbo setup like the Garret GTR series. 

Learned about turbo maps. With a built up motor the rpm/power band will shift up 2500-5500 to 3000-6500 making the gt30r or larger a very attractive. Plus these will also be efficient from low to high boost. 

Update 05/28/04:

Suspension Upgrade Ideas:

Update 05/06/04:

Street or Strip - Race / Rally proven
K-MAC unique designs protected by International Patents
. . .


300ZX (Z31)


# 541316 J

300ZX (Z31)


# 541326 H
Front 'top of strut' kits Replaces upper strut mounts providing separate Camber and Caster adjustment.
Replaces control arms to cross member mounts for Camber and Toe adjustment (includes bush extraction tool).


Cosmetic Ideas:

Proudear Carbon Fiber Hood:



Status: These do not flush fit! 2mm high lip, 5mm wide, about 62mm in diameter. I am going to try and get a base made for it. I am still thinking about this. I'm will work on it some more next year when I repaint the whole car. 

Steering Wheel Upgrade Ideas: